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Sep 9, 2019

Join “Tax Smart Investor” Host Ted Lanzaro, CPA as he talks with real estate investor David Haberfeld

David is an active real estate investor who currently owns and manages 113 doors of residential and commercial property. As an active rehabber/developer he is typically running between 5 – 8 renovation projects at any given time and has done over 100 real estate deals in his career. A master of creative real estate, David has done many of his deals with little or no cash, seller financing and other creative financing for buying real estate. In addition to his real estate businesses, David also owns a car dealership and several other small businesses. David attributes much of his business success to his perseverance, strong networking ability, creativity and ability to delegate tasks to his staff of 5. David has a great story about overcoming adversity, learning from your mistakes and ultimately being successful through sheer effort and perseverance!